Monday, March 6, 2017

The Donkey

Caesar Holifield
Period 6

The Donkey

Hey Grandma, I take it you had an okay ride from San Clemente?” I asked as I came through the door after being dropped of by my Mom at my house. My Grandma was lying down on my couch with her usual pajamas and glass of vino (wine) in her hand. “It was the usual, @$$#!&$ don’t know how to drive anymore!” I sighed at the fact that my Grandma was drinking wine and already cursing about bad drivers, soon she’d go on about Republicans and Donald Trump! After she ranted on for a few minutes more about stuff like the muslim ban and others things I was already informed about I decided to switch the subject. “So, are you ready for the interview?” I interrupted, hoping she would be ready to switch topics as well. “Well of course I am, that’s why I came down here!” She some what shouted as she pulled herself up from the couch and over to the table. We sat down, her face was beaming with excitement, eager to have all the attention focused down on her, her only job being to talk about herself. And so it began
I picked up my notepad and pencil and started to jot down some physical features that she has; dark brown hair, light-ish tan skin, glasses, a little wide on the sides, and is always laughing and smiling at anything (especially her own jokes). As what followed on the Mr. Coward procedure of interviews, I had to note the time (4:20 PM) when I realized my Grandmother was already going outside and starting to converse with the neighbors about the weather. I got up to slowly get her back inside and locked to doors (and windows) to make sure no cold air or any wind for that matter got in to disturb us on another cloudy day in Los Osos. I ushered my Grandma into her seat and cut to the chase. “OK Grandma, our first question for the day is what was middle school like for you?
“Well, I lived in San Bernardino as you know, and I loved all of my teachers, they were so much fun that during lunch my math teacher would play one of our favorite records on a record player and all the kids would start dancing during lunch.” She said with a look of reminiscence on her cheery face. “I lived in small kind of country city, but my principal was from Orange County and he had all of this stuff at our school that other schools nearby didn’t have at the time, for example he had a student government which I found kind of funny because the government would have a so called Judges, and if you were a Judge people who did things like stick gum to the wall or get in trouble in class would be brought to the Judges to be tried. I always thought this was funny because if you were a Judge, then you were a big shot on campus and no one ever messed with you. Oooh, I forgot to mention I was a pom-pom girl in middle school, that was fun.” My Grandma explain, trailing off topic a little. After my Grandmother finished talking about each friend she had and literally each memory she had with them we focused in on the academic parts of middle school for her. “Well you notice I didn’t say much about academics! But if I had to say anything about my academics in middle school, is that I was always working on keeping all A’s. I was raised in an environment where a B would give my parents a heart attack, B’s were just not acceptable. I used to stay up until about one in the morning doing homework, always got A’s. I always worked hard on my projects and classwork, and I always worked with my teachers.”
“Moving on now, what were some memories you remember most vividly as a child?” I asked, but for some reason she just stared at me for the longest amount of time, a blank expression then all of the sudden...WHAM! She starts to spew information out like it’s he life’s duty. “Well on the weekends the whole family would get together at one house, the men would go outside drink wine, eat olives, and talk about their work if they weren’t already working on something together. The women were inside cooking for the family, and the cousins were running around building forts or making our own games, just silly things like that.” Grandma told me about how her father would come home really late at night, always working while her mother was always cleaning or cooking. “If you weren’t in order when my parents were around, they’d straighten you up before you could say another word.” She told me, “From what I see out in the world these days, kids wouldn’t survive in my household.” Grandma told me, after she ranted on about kids and their 1st word problems (which is entirely true). “But if I were to pick one memory with your great uncle, my brother, it would be that whenever I shot free throws outside when we played basketball, he’d hit each time I missed a shot!”
“Alright, the third question of the day, what were some of the struggles you faced as a woman in your work environment?” As I said this, she had a great look of question, as if I had asked her something about a planet one billion light years away. “Actually,” she said pausing to laugh a little, “I had quite an advantage in my work environment. I was a kindergarten teacher, and at the time this area was dominated by women. It was quite rare to see a male teacher in elementary schools. They were usually professors at a college, or working in Junior High or High School.” Grandma went on to tell me how much she loved her principals at the schools she worked at, and is in fact good friends with the children of her old boss. “I didn’t really have any struggles during my job, but I didn’t like some of the other teacher’s attitudes towards the children of different ethnicity like the asians, latinos, and some transfer students from Europe.” She explained to me, “They would clump the kids who weren’t “white” into one class, and they always gave this class to the newest and inexperienced student.” She told me taking a sip from her wine glass, obviously still annoyed at her past colleagues. “My colleague didn’t bother, either they didn’t feel like it or didn’t have the energy to come up to the classroom where I was, helping the kids. I always stayed in my classroom helping my students, I never once in my whole career went into the teacher’s lounge.”
What was your favorite thing about raising my Uncle Ashley?” This was a saddening question for my Grandma, my uncle had passed away when he was in his twenties in a car accident. “For starters, he was a sweet and caring boy. He would come home from kindergarten, and pick some flowers for me on the way home from the same ladies house. The lady would chase him away and scream her head off because he would yank the flowers out by the root and mess up her lawn!”
She said, with a sparkle of a tear in her eye, barely visible. “He wasn’t always the best in school, he needed more time to find his niche. I also should’ve paid more attention to him, he didn’t have the drive that your aunt and mother did.” She explained, sighing. “He was a perfectionist, it took him hours to finish a sentence in an essay.” She told me, then laughed a little. “But the thing I remember most is one day he sassed me, and I chased him into the front yard, jumped on him and he said, I didn’t know mothers could run that fast. After that I laughed so hard I forgot why I was chasing him in the first place.”
The final question of the day, when did your interest in politics begin?” I asked, chuckling a bit, because I knew she would talk a whole lot about this. “It first began when I was in high school, I was part of the student government. I then went on to college and was elected the young democrats president of my college.” Grandma told me about her experiences protesting alongside with the black panthers. She also told me about how the republicans are evil, democrats are amazing and Trump is the devil (blah blah blah and some words I can’t really put in without getting expelled). She even interviewed the 41st Vice President, Rockefeller, before he was the Vice President. Of course, he was republican but my Grandma thought he was a democrat at heart. “ I did many civic projects for my community, and always was trying to make it better, especially in my college UC Santa Barbara.”
“Is there anything else you would like to say to this current generation of students?” I asked, and it took a while before she said anything, “Well for one, children need to do more for their community. Even just spending an hour of their day picking up trash or mowing someone else’s lawn for free. These things, is what needs to happen to Make America Great Again.” Yes another Trump reference.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Ides Of March

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I thought of someone dead, who affected the world. So of course I had to pick someone with a similar name. No bias there. Anyways I read in this article about the assassination of the Dictator of Rome, that all of us have heard about, I hope at least. I found out that the Ides of March was the name that was given to his assassination; after a soothsayer in Rome warned Caesar of the Ides of March, although being a stubborn Caesar, he did not take note of these days of the year. There are many play about the Ides of March, even films though even the great Shakespeare did not word it correctly when Caesar took his last glance at his old companion Brutus (who put together his murder) and say to him; "And you, Brutus?" as his spats out his last breath.

Monday, November 14, 2016

No Wife For a Soldier

Today I read my non-fiction book about the ancient Romans, but the specific topic I read about was about how a Roman soldier was not allowed to be married. The Romans believed that if the soldiers were not married then the soldiers would have less on their minds, and their main focus would be to serve and protect Rome. Almost every soldier in the army could not obtain a spouse. Very few such as officers or centurion legionnaires were allowed a spouse. Thought even then not many officers were married, as they believed their duties and initiatives remained with Rome and it's legions.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 Dimensions?!?!?

In my book, A Wrinkle In Time, they have recently been discussing the means of inter dimensional travel. This means that they will "wrinkle" or quickly move through the 5th dimension and change once again into any other of the 5 dimensions. Though being in the 2nd dimension wasn't to fun for Calvin, Charles or Meg, as they had a great pain as though they were being steam rolled into to a flat piece of paper. I think they might use this way of travel a whole lot in the book; especially since the title is A Wrinkle In Time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sploosh, it's what's for dinner!

If I were to prepare a meal for my two favorite characters (also the main characters) Zero and Caveman, I would make it as good as it can get. There would be a Sploosh shake, with extra peaches. Then I would make a side of frosted flake cereal with water so you can swallow down it's little remnants. Last but definetly not the least, would be the main course. The main course would be onion with a yellow spotted lizard hot sauce in it's center making it sweet, spicy, and sour. And to top it all off I would add a hint of sunflower seeds on top. Time to eat, Camp Green Lake!

The Role of An Armpit

I've been enjoying the book Holes, but I am kind of upset based of the lack of appearances Armpit has in the book. I've recently seen the movie, and I think he gets a lot more time in there than he does in the book, which upsets me since books are usually better than movies in all aspects. I would've wanted Armpit to somehow wedge his way in as a main character, because I thought he was pretty funny and could be a good person to have along when Zero and Caveman ran away. At least he would keep the mood up. I was just hoping he would keep coming up throughout the story, but he didn't have that much dialogue. Anyways, I believe Armpit would've made a great part with Zero and Caveman; to bad I'm not the author, am I right?

Monday, October 10, 2016

Top Ten Adjectives That Describe Holes

  1. Exciting; because of its thrilling moments with the Warden.
  2. Funny; mostly just because of the times the whole cabin gets together for a campfire
  3. Odd; many reasons why this book is odd, but one thing that gets me is their nick names
  4. Gross; due to the descriptions of cabin D
  5. Appealing; but mainly because of the parts when Stanley talks about his Grandfather
  6. Hot; there is only one reason for that, and that is because of the weather at camp Green Lake
  7. Grueling; They dig holes all day
  8. Bonding; it is really only because of the cabin's friendship
  9. Descriptive; because of all the adjectives they put in before some fun words
  10. Awesome; because the book altogether is amazing